The Establishment of the Institute


  The Institute of Education, National Chung Cheng University, officially established on 1 August 1996, is committed to the highest standards of research and teaching for Master and Doctoral Degrees in Education. It also significantly contributes to the improvement of educational policy and practice in partnership with schools, colleges and other educational agencies both in Taiwan and internationally.

  Professor Kuang-Hsiung Huang, the former Dean of Faculty of Education National Taiwan Normal University, has been in charge of its preparatory business since August 1995. He is the first Director of the Institute. Thanks to his tremendous efforts, the Institute has successfully established excellent teaching and research facilities.

  Dr. Ru-Jer Wang was the second Director of the Institute. During the three-year tenure with his extraordinary leadership in teaching, research and advises, the Institute successfully held numerous national and international academic conferences, workshops, seminars and forums. In February 2001 Dr. Ming-Dih Lin served as the third Director. He has maintained the good quality of leadership in every sort of educational activity; furthermore, he has brought about the Institute remarkably successful years thanks to his achievements leading the Center for Educational Resource and cooperating with Local Educational Authorities.

  Based on the current scale, Professor Feng-Jihu Lee, the forth Director from February 1, 2007 onwards, expects to guide the Institute towards internationalization through his taking charge of international academic conferences. He positively encourages research students being in touch with overseas scholars, looking for scholarships to study abroad, taking the MOE exams for overseas study as well as applying for the overseas scholarship, applying for the “National Science Council Graduate Students Study Abroad Program” and earning the MOE grants for Ph.D. students’ attending international academic conferences. In addition, Professor Lee has signed the agreements of “Co-organization of Cross-country Dual Degree Program” with prestigious universities.

  The wide range of expertise in the Institute covers all stages of formal education, principally from the primary and secondary stages of schooling, through the post-compulsory, but also extending to higher education. The Institute is therefore well placed to make major contributions both to the advancement of knowledge and practice about issues of contemporary significance and to the development of individuals and educational institutions. The Institute currently has 5 academic staff involved actively in teaching and research, supervising graduate students and providing consulting. They also help offer Center for Teacher Education courses to undergraduates wishing to train to teach in primary or secondary schools.


Goal of Education


  • MA course: We aim to cultivate excellent professionals with educational research and administration skills, with school administration and management capacities, and with course development as well as education reform abilities, particularly for school teachers.
  • Part-time MA course: We aim to enhance professional literacy on educational knowledge and administration capacities for all the educational personnel such as school principals, directors, and relevant administrators and we try to cultivate school teachers’ professional knowledge about class management, curriculum and pedagogy and educational reform.
  • Ph. D course: We aim to cultivate educational researchers and educational professionals for higher education and research institutes with specialization on educational administration and management, philosophy and history of education. Also, we aim to enhance education professionals, educational practitioners, and educational researchers



  1. The university campus is not only spacious but also elegant with a great atmosphere suitable for academic research and cultivation of humanism and professional abilities.
  2. In the innovative academic research environment, we offer complete educational theories and rigor methodology to promote educational research talents.
  3. All the faculties have their specialties with abundant research experiences and educational practice.  
  4. The Institute is regularly contact with overseas educational institutes by way of cooperation and exchange in order to foster the development of educational academic and administration innovation.
  5. We regularly hold academic conferences with relevant departments in Taiwan.
  6. The Centre for Educational Resource has a rich collection of significant educational periodicals, research papers and books.
  7. We offer research students basic computer equipments and their own personal space. The teacher-student common room and student society common room are layout.