Doctoral Programme: We aim to cultivate educational researchers and professionals for higher education institutions and research institutes. Our students are expected to be specialists in the fields of educational administration and management, philosophy and history of education. Also, we are devoted to foster practitioners, administers and researchers for schooling practices.
Master Programme: We make efforts to foster excellent professionals with skills in educational research and administration, with capacities in terms of school administration and management, and with abilities in course development and education reforms.
In-service Master Programme: We aim to facilitate development of professional literacy on educational knowledge and administration capacities for all in-service educational personnel, such as school principals, directors, administers. We at the same time endeavour to cultivate schoolteachers’ professional knowledge in terms of class management, curriculum and pedagogy, and educational reform.


Course Structure

Master Programme

Doctoral Programme

1.Completion of at least 32 credits, dissertation writing is exceptional.

2.Foundation Courses: 8 credits

3.Specialist Course: 10 credits

(1).Master in Education:

a.Philosophy of Education; History of Education

b.Educational Administration and School Management

(2).Master in Curriculum and Pedagogy

a.Curriculum and Pedagogy

4.Elective Courses

1.Completion of at least 28 credits, dissertation writing is exceptional.

2.Research Methodology: 6-8 credits

3.Specialist Courses: 8-12 credits

(1). Doctor in Education:

a.Section of Educational Administration and Policy

b.Section of Philosophy and History of Eduction

(2).Doctor in Curriculum

a.Section of Curriculum

4. Elective Courses: At least 8 credits (Tutorial is inclusive)