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Ph.D. - Curriculum Planning

The Graduate Institute of Education was officially established on August 1st, 1996 under the approval from the Ministry of Education. Appointed as the first Director of the Institute, Professor Kuang-Hsiung Huang committed himself to improving educational environment, research facilities, well-designed curriculum and specialized fields of the faculty for the prospects of cultivating academic professionals in education. Founded in 1999, Doctoral program and in-service Master program aim to nurture educational specialists and to offer teachers in Yunlin and Chiayi School Districts further academic learning and training.

To strengthen the instructional capacity of the faculty and diversification of curriculum, the Institute was combined with the Graduate Institute of Curriculum Studies in 2013 and launched enrollment on August 1st, 2014. The combination of the two graduate institutes has promoted its competitiveness among domestic institutes of education and to form the solid foundation for its uniqueness on teaching, research and service.

Curriculum planning

1. Methods courses 6-8 credits.
2. major fields of study subjects 8-12 credits.
3. Elective disciplines of at least 8 credits: with independent research Required 2 credits, by methods courses in other areas of the majors, and elective courses selected learning.

Doctoral Program: We aim to cultivate educational researchers and professionals having expertise in educational administration and management, philosophy and history of education, and curriculum studies for higher education institutions and research institutes at home and abroad. Also, we are devoted to fostering personnel in educational administration organizations, administrators in schools, faculty members in colleges and researchers in institutions.
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