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Course Structure

Course Structure

Master Programme

Doctoral Programme

1.Completion of at least 32 credits, dissertation writing is exceptional.

2.Foundation Courses: 8 credits

3.Specialist Course: 10 credits

(1).Master in Education:

a.Philosophy of Education; History of Education

b. Educational Administration and School Management

(2).Master in Curriculum and Pedagogy

a.Curriculum and Pedagogy

4.Elective Courses

1.Completion of at least 28 credits, dissertation writing is exceptional.

2.Research Methodology: 6-8 credits

3.Specialist Courses: 8-12 credits

(1). Doctor in Education:

a. Section of Educational Administration and Policy

b. Section of Philosophy and History of Eduction

(2).Doctor in Curriculum

a.Section of Curriculum

4.Elective Courses: At least 8 credits (Tutorial is inclusive)


Academic Activities and International Academic Exchange

  • At least 10 academic seminars per year are held, including inviting international prestigious scholars to give speeches.
  • Medium to large international and domestic academic seminars are routinely held.
  • The College of Education in CCU has the agreement on “Co-organization of Cross-country Dual DegreeProgram” with the College of Education in UCLA and in the University of Pittsburgh. We actively exchange with other universities and academic institutes.
  • The Institute had academic exchange with UCLA in 2005 and 2007 respectively and in total there were 32 master and doctoral students taking the summer course in UCLA. This has fostered the dual degree program with the College of Education UCLA and it helps broaden students’ international horizon of education researches.