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(Announcement) The second stage of the entrance examination for the doctoral program of the 2021 academic year will be conducted online.

The Graduate Institute of Education has scheduled to conduct the second stage of the entrance examination for the 2021 doctoral program on May 22, and it was originally scheduled to be held at the college of education. 

Due to the announcement by the Ministry of Education on May 18, "In response to the escalation of the domestic epidemic alert and to reduce the risk of group infection, from May 19 (Wed) to May 28 (Fri) 2020, students at all levels have stopped attending classes at school.” In order to implement national policies, the second stage of the entrance examination of our school will fully adopt online interviews.

Abiding by the following regulations of the school:

  1. The online interview software and format are determined by the Graduate Institute of Education. The examination time will remain the same as the current schedule.

(1) Before the online examination starts, the examinee must present the identification document for verification and also the surrounding environment with the camera.

(2) During the examination, the examinee must back face the entrance or exit of the test venue for the examiner to ensure that no one else is on site.

  1. The whole examination process will be recorded. The relevant online interview information will be notified to the examinee by email or phone call. 

Everyone is responsible for epidemic prevention. All the examinees are required to cooperate according to the CDC regulations on epidemic prevention.

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